The Spindle Warps Story

It’s short and sweet, really! I left my career in education with young children to be a mom creating an at-home indie yarn business. I have been passionate about creating beautiful things ever since my grandmother first taught me all about the magic of needle crafts.
Being able to harness that passion into colors, fibers, garments, and other beautiful materials used to create beautiful things has been one of my greatest joys, and I hope it will be yours, too!
We opened our shop in 2016 and love what we do. We are dedicated to using ethically sourced materials from local suppliers, and use a variety of yarn weights to ensure our customers can find what they need for any project.
Spindle Warps is many things to many people, but to me, it’s about that feeling of whimsy, fun, color, our fondest and most freeing memories, candy and beach vacations and parks. There’s nothing like a good hit of nostalgia to the brain, so let us warp yours in the most lovely way possible!